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Hello, I'm Jordan Watson.


Do you struggle to find the time to squeeze a workout into your busy schedule? Does trying to decide what to do for your fitness and/or healthy diet stress you out? What if I told you there's a home for you right HERE!? Welcome to the club! Or better yet the Squad! #FITSQUAD

My name is Jordan Watson, and I'm the Leader of the #FITSQUAD! I'm a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA. I began my passion for fitness as a High School Strength and Conditioning Coordinator and in August of 2019, I started my own business (fully online at that time) in Fitness by Jordan Watson.
I'm married to my Superwoman Wife, and we have four wonderful children and our furry friend Banner. Life is crazy and you need a coach and a trainer who gets YOU and gets YOUR crazy schedule! We live in North Little Rock, Arkansas and our favorite thing to do is spend time as a family at our "Mountain House".

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