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No matter your current activity level or exercise capability, Fitness by Jordan Watson has a plan for you.

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You're not alone!


Hi, I'm Jordan, and I've been using my love for fitness and helping others loose weight for the last 4 years. I've been training in person clients / athletes for 10 years now. Join me, via my virtual experience, and start achieving your fitness goals.


More About Me

Aerobics 101

Aerobics is a great way to burn calories and reach your fitness goals. Dance and cardio are the perfect aerobic pairing. Incorporate the two and keep yourself motivated like never before. 

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Core & Abs

Core strength is at the center of every move your body makes.  Put in the work to build those muscles and you’ll be sure to notice a boost to your mobility and stamina throughout the day.

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Fire Moves

The best part about learning new dance moves is gaining the confidence to show them off. Learn dance routines you can't wait to share while burning calories and building lean muscle.

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The Deets

 Kelley Dague
"I love that he adjusts my program based on my personal needs!."
 Jeannie Belew
"Jordan is the BEST trainer anywhere!!"
 Micah Parish Ruiz
"Great detailed videos of each exercise!"
 Leah Massey
"Always listens to what you want and need but pushes you past your self-proclaimed limits!"
Caroline Prestridge

"The you in a month, a year, in two years will thank you!"

 Kara Ellis
"I feel more energetic. I'm able to keep up with my elementary aged kids."

Have fun and get fit, even if the gym isn't your thing 


You don't have to be a fitness enthusiast to come groove with us. Kim Fit is all about getting your body moving, not having perfect form. Join me to let loose, learn some new moves, and live fit. 

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Meet Tyler, of Tennessee

Meet Lisa, of Arkansas

Meet Jeannie, of Arkansas. Reversed her Osteoporosis at age 65

Meet Tressa, of Arkansas

Meet Caroline, of Arkansas

"Consistency in habits ultimitely leads to results."

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